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Data Warehousing and Big Data Architecture

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Integration Development and Custom Application Solutions

Data Science, Human Capital Analytics, and Predictive Learning

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Many organizations are moving to a business intelligence platform to monitor their Key Performance Indicators and ongoing reporting metrics. Using interactive dashboard reporting, business leaders can now make decisions with data faster and stay ahead of their competition. But how do you start a business intelligence project?

At RYIT Solutions we help you assess your current business objective and barriers to completion. We will work with you to build a customized solution that provides actionable insight.

Learn how your organization can benefit from this tool!

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Are you thinking of starting a data warehouse project? Streamlining data into one central location can be very empowering for you organization as a whole. Reporting becomes easier, data becomes actionable, and business leaders have a new pool of information to draw deep organizational insights. draw deep organizational insights.

But this process can be complex. Where do you start? What are the risks?

At RYIT Solutions, we work with you to develop a product that mitigates risk and enhances your current infrastructure.

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Your time should be spent making critical business decisions, not dealing with messy data. Let us help you move your data to where it needs to be. Need data from a CRM? ERP? HRIS? Database? No problem, we will develop an ETL process that works best for you.

What is ETL? This process stands for extract, transform, and load. This methodology is used to connect previously disparate data sources into a unified platform.

Want your sales data to map with your financial expenses? What about connecting your CRM with customer reviews from social media? No problem.

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Are you stuck in spreadsheets and would like a new data collection platform? We offer software development and integration services that are customized to meet your unique business needs.

So your business is growing and you need a new platform more reliable and scalable than a spreadsheet. Or maybe there is no application on the market that can fit your needs. We have the tools and knowledge to provide custom application development that scales with your business.

Whether it’s custom applications for collection, ODBC/JDBC connections, or API integration like RESTful and SOAPP, RYIT can build it.

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For those looking to dive deeper into their data, RYIT utilizes current and validated Data Science techniques to best interpret current processes and forecast their effects on the future. This process is implemented with tools including: Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Human Capital Analytics, and Internal Sentiment Analysis by experts in the field.

Add new Data Mining techniques into your organization to gain knowledge on all aspects of your oganization to get a TRUE 360 degree view.

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