Multi-Lingual Business Intelligence Cloud Training

//Multi-Lingual Business Intelligence Cloud Training
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Project Description

About The Project

Period: Nov 17 – Feb 18

Client: JBT Corp : Asia
Subcontracting for: Prime

Subject: InternationalFinance Dept – Business Intelligence Training Development

(available through supportdesk by RYIT)

Our Task

Utilizing data warehousing solutions created by the RYIT team. Custom application development and business intelligence dashboards were developed to display initial reports. From there training was developed in the form of multi-lingual (English and Chinese (simplified)) documentation and walk-through video mediums. The training was made available on the client’s Supportdesk unlimited user systems, as well as  on the companies internal network.

What We’ve Done

This start-to-finish project was built using a Mid-Service support level and captured data from the existing system to a newly acquired Data Visualization Tool.

  • Connect and understand the business and operation flow
  • Create a method of connecting to the on-prem data of the existing infrastructure
  • Build a table to host the data exported from system
  • Develop models within the BICs systems
  • Generate 2-language portal and documentation for accessing the data
  • Create video training for generating NEW insights using the datasource for JBT Power-User training



The client is implementing this into existing and new contracts and programs, RYIT is offering continuing support on a regular basis.

  • 10 Business Intelligence Cloud training videos utilizing the new dataset
  • How to create new insights via dashboards
  • How to create new interactive visualizations
  • Advanced support and development including dashboard-wide filters and calculated fields


If you wish to utilize a new technology with advanced support and specialized training using RYIT’s training video systems. Ask about our Supportdesk by RYIT training and video platform to bring usability and team buy-in to your BI Footprint.