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Project Description

About Project

Period: Jan ’17- Present

Client: AAR Airlift Group

Subject: HelpDesk Reporting

HelpDesk and IT projects aim to display usage, enable tracking, provide pricing estimates, and increased budgeting ability of the department heads and encourage accountability in the users.

Our Task Was

Track and monitor usage and potential abuse of company distributed mobile devices.

Generate a report based off of third-party mobile device and carrier tracking system export into an interactive dashboard.


What We’ve Done

Produce an interactive report and dashboard that is updated and distributed monthly to department heads while enabling interactivity to answer certain questions that arise from the visualization including:

  • What users make up a specific department
  • Trend of usage based on user, department, or company-wide
  • Filter to various level of detail: week, month, quarter, or year
  • Forecast future expense based on historic records
  • PDF/Print Friendly
  • Automatic High-Risk highlighting for easy and fast analysis



This report is currently in distribution and utilized for actionable intelligence by:

  • CTO
  • Director of IT
  • Executive Assistants
  • HelpDesk Management


This report is still currently in production distribution for continuing usage and abuse monitoring

It is intended that similar reports will be produced and specialized for each department with increased usage detail.