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Project Description

Supporting Client’s 3rd-Party Application Team to Produce High-Performance Connection for Reporting

About Project

Period: May-Sep 2016

Client: AIMFleet & AdminiTrack

Subject: Connect Live Data into Tableau Reporting for Acquisition Reports

Integration between on-prem MSSQL database into a Cloud Instance of MySQL/Aurora AWS database infrastructure in secure and accessible data warehouse,

Our Task Was

At RYIT Solutions, we worked alongside the task management system to incorporate their back-end data into a more available and customizable Cloud Database in the AWS architecture.

Data was then aggregated and visualized with a Direct Connection from AWS Aurora to Tableau Online Dashboards.

What We’ve Done

The connection was a dual effort to push data from the AdminiTrack data center into the RYIT Aurora cloud database where information would be reported on.

  • Data ETL (Extract, Transformation, Load)
  • Security setup and cloud accessibility
  • Custom Aggregations
  • Data Warehousing
  • Tableau Reporting
  • Scalable Reporting Infrastructure
  • Subscription Based Reporting Distribution


Reports are still utilized regularly since development.

  • Over 6 Client of AIMFleet monitor Program Status
  • 24/7 Access to reports
  • View Tracker
  • Supportdesk Integration


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