Multi-Lingual Business Intelligence Cloud Training


About The Project Period: Nov 17 - Feb 18 Client: JBT Corp : Asia Subcontracting for: Prime Subject: InternationalFinance Dept - Business Intelligence Training Development (available through supportdesk by RYIT) Our Task Utilizing data warehousing solutions created by the RYIT team. Custom application development and business intelligence dashboards were developed to display initial reports. From [...]

Engine Acquisition Program Reporting


About The Project Period: Aug 2016 – Present Client: AIMFleet Subcontracting for: GECAS, Republic Airways, BoA Leasing, ExpressJet, airwork, DMS   Subject: Providing Insights for Client Awareness Aircraft Information Management Inc (AIMFleet) is a team of global, industry-leading aviation professionals specializing in all aspects of aircraft and engine acquisition/disposition as well as MRO and other IT systems selection, implementation [...]

Performance Incentive Programs for Employees


About Project Period: March 2016 – Present Client: AAR Airlift Subject: Employee KPI and Incentive Monitoring This project is currently in use for client facing reporting and employee awareness and thus full details cannot be disclosed until the program has been retired. Our Task Was RYIT Team was tasked to generate an Executive level dashboard that would be both [...]

Mobile Device Management


About Project Period: Jan ’17- Present Client: AAR Airlift Group Subject: HelpDesk Reporting HelpDesk and IT projects aim to display usage, enable tracking, provide pricing estimates, and increased budgeting ability of the department heads and encourage accountability in the users. Our Task Was Track and monitor usage and potential abuse of company distributed mobile devices. Generate a report [...]

Cloud-to-Cloud 3rd Party Integration


Supporting Client's 3rd-Party Application Team to Produce High-Performance Connection for Reporting About Project Period: May-Sep 2016 Client: AIMFleet & AdminiTrack Subject: Connect Live Data into Tableau Reporting for Acquisition Reports Integration between on-prem MSSQL database into a Cloud Instance of MySQL/Aurora AWS database infrastructure in secure and accessible data warehouse, Our Task Was At RYIT Solutions, we worked alongside [...]