RYIT featured in cloud application article by Slickpie Accounting Software

//RYIT featured in cloud application article by Slickpie Accounting Software

RYIT featured in cloud application article by Slickpie Accounting Software

RYIT President, Ty Van Ry featured in cloud application article by Slickpie Accounting Software

When asked about the future & benefit of Cloud-Based Apps:

Recently RYIT Solutions President/CEO was contacted for his input into the future of Cloud-Based Applications. Within the article, he and other business owners discuss various uses and their place in the future of business. Ty specifically speaks to the data systems and tools when it comes to the “behind-the-scenes” usage.
RYIT Specializes in data visualization and ETL, but, RYIT is also a host of databases both on-premise and in the cloud. “In-house we find cloud databases allow us to better connect our client’s separated, disparate, or otherwise incompatible databases together and to the reporting engines.”


When asked about the advantages of cloud software in business, Ty responded:

Cloud databases are critical to our product. As a small business it can be extremely difficult to manage the hardware in such small numbers of a workforce and time can be much more effectively spent elsewhere. We look for the most scalable systems to utilize as our cloud infrastructure which means we can easily expand and shrink our cloud database footprint as our customer base grows and shrinks. Our model of business would be nearly unsustainable if we had to maintain the same size and costs without the customer data to fill it with. We are able to process data at the same speed and performance as the big guys which puts us at an even playing field that 10 years ago would be almost unheard of. – Ty Van Ry, RYIT SOLUTIONS

How Do You Use Cloud Software to Improve Your Business?

Do you remember the time when you have to drive to the computer store in order to purchase a physical copy of a software? If you do, you probably used to live in the era before cloud computing. Nowadays, people do not have to do this any longer. With cloud technology, you can simply sit at home and download you desired software directly from the internet. The cloud technology is so fascinating that it allows people to share files within seconds. Many business owners have been taking advantages of this opportunity to improve the level of productivity and efficiency of their businesses.
Below are some of the comments from business experts about the advantages of using cloud software in their businesses.
Everything we do is in the cloud, from using Google Docs to Google Spreadsheets. All of our files are stored in the cloud through Dropbox. It allows my employees that span from San Diego to Serbia to work on the sa…

See the entire article written by the Cloud Accounting Software SlickPie on their site.

See what he and others have to say about the future and need for cloud applications!

SlickPie is an Online invoicing and billing. They specialize in zero manual data entry, live bank feeds, and financial reports. RYIT Solutions does not claim to utilize the services of slickpie.com or intend for our customers to purchase their services.
RYIT Solutions received no money for this post, it is purely intended to showcase the benefit and opinions of cloud software users.
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