JOIN US: Nov 2nd Webinar with Jobscience CEO, Ted Elliot

//JOIN US: Nov 2nd Webinar with Jobscience CEO, Ted Elliot

JOIN US: Nov 2nd Webinar with Jobscience CEO, Ted Elliot

Talks with Ted

The 5 Pillars of Recruiting Intelligence 

30 Minute Webinar

November 2, 9AM PST / 12PM EST


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Are you considering starting an analytics project? Where do you begin?
The best data is the data you already use when running your business. Building a framework to collect new datasets is difficult, so it’s crucial to fully utilize the things you already have in order to better monitor and track your recruiting and onboarding processes.

Watch the next episode of Ted Talks as special guests Tyler Van Ry and Timothy Davis from RYIT Solutions and Jobscience CEO Ted Eliott discuss the issues related to data science and how you can use the 5 pillars of Recruiting Intelligence to overcome data challenges.


Key topics of discussion include:


  •  What is BI?
  •  Common risks in BI projects
  •  How is BI helping recruiters?
  •  How BI is helping the onboarding process
  •  How BI is used in small business
  •  How BI is used in large scale projects
  •  What you should know before starting a project in data  analytics (targeted at recruiting and staffing)
  •  What does a win look like?
  •  How are BI tools being used in the recruiting and staffing    industry?


Who is RYIT Solutions?


RYIT Solutions is a full service, data analytics and business intelligence firm that offers consulting services to various industries. HealthyHires, is a framework of services that offers business intelligence solutions specifically for key performance indicators and analytics traditionally monitored in the recruiting and staffing industry.

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