Aggregation Aggravation vol. 3: Static Over Speed?

//Aggregation Aggravation vol. 3: Static Over Speed?

Aggregation Aggravation vol. 3: Static Over Speed?

Making the insertion of new metric monitoring smooth and painless

Say what you may about static reports, the one thing (and only) they have going for them over modern analytics is an almost complete lack of load time. Putting aside that typically more questions arise than are answered, it does not leave much room for Aggregation Aggravation that you see in live and interactive data.

However, if we can maintain the prompt load of the static reports with the insights and answers of the live and dynamic reports, we have indeed constructed a highly usable dashboard.

But what damage can a few extra SECONDS inflict on how a Data Visualization tool can be considered a Success vs. Failure? From my experience… ALL of it!

If you are operating reports from less than optimal setting and your users, don’t bat an eye, good for you! You’re one of the lucky few, in the world of IT… no news is good news. BUT, if you are noticing an increase in specific requests, a decrease in traffic, or fewer and fewer adjustments to your Visualizations, It may be because of a Low- Performance connection driving your users to ignore the metrics. It may be time to move from a Direct Excel Connection and (in my experience) Online Spreadsheet services.

These are shared between you and 100,000’s of other users and API’s. Instead, try using their API to connect to your cloud or public facing database instead of your dashboard’s ODBC direct connection. Use that tool to do all the heavy lifting for you, instead of relying on the shared bandwidth of someone else’s service. As a bonus, you can work all the custom queries you want, which can be key if your Data Visualization tool of choice does not offer a high level of in-app data management… we’re looking at you SSRS!

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