Aggregation Aggravation vol.1: The Need for Mathmatical Speed

//Aggregation Aggravation vol.1: The Need for Mathmatical Speed

Aggregation Aggravation vol.1: The Need for Mathmatical Speed

From counting ‘clicks’ to counting ‘ticks’,

Realizing the impact quality RDBMS has on a dashboard’s Perceived Value
How our project with AdminiTrack Issue Tracking helped bring our interactive dashboards to a whole new level.
Over the past month, RYIT was working alongside AdminiTrack for AIMFleet Asset Monitors. Together we worked to end the tedious manual & daily exports required by the system to keep dashboards up-to-date.


This issue was tackled by 2 stages/project, the first project the AdminiTrack team and us worked to connect their secure data to a Google Spreadsheet. This would help maintain an automated export which we could connect to, what we didn’t anticipate is the agonizingly slow connection that would result in a high usage system, already taxed by 100,000’s of users. Eventually, we made the push to connect the AdminiTrack local SOR to RYIT’s High-Performance AWS Aurora Database. What we had discovered was almost immediately the usage and appreciation of the insights the reports brought had skyrocketed.

As a developer, it is important to understand what your users have to overcome to implement Data Visualization Tools and Dashboards into the organization. From our side, it’s easy to see your reports as a “gift” making the users’ lives easier. To a point where they would be crazy not to use every drop of insight, you have painstakingly implemented into the Data Miracle that is your visualizations.

Sadly, that way of thinking is not always shared by both parties. To them you may be adding yet another item to their already loaded plates, for example:
An additional monthly, weekly, daily email in their inbox

  • Another URL
  • Another Login
  • Another potential reason for a manager to harass you or your team
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